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spare the rod, spoil the ignorant male animal […] Listed Under: Erotic Audio, Male Sex Slave Tags: Femdom Audio, Femdom Erotica, Long Leather Gloves, Male Spanking, Slave Training Comments (3) April 21st, 2010 Once you’ve got the boy by his balls, there’s nothing he won’t do for you.

Cock control is all about a man learning his place before a woman… You’re going to stroke for me, and I’m going to tease and play with you, keeping you hovering on the very edge of orgasm until you fully submit to me. I‘m the masturbatrix, and you’d better be a good little stroker if you want to have that orgasm I’m going to build up inside of you.

Night Exchange is where adults come to share their most intimate desires and have fantasy chat.

You can be whoever you want to be on the Night Exchange.

Yeah, right; as if studying was what either of us had in mind. *giggle* Anyway, it didn’t take too long before things started getting pretty […] «« Read More Daddy didn’t think I knew when he snuck into my bedroom at night, but I really did.

Original story by: Cheating Wife Barbie I never thought I would be one of those cheating wives, and I never planned it, but it just kind of happened.

My husband had been out of town on an extended business trip for almost two weeks, and by the time he was finally due to return, this […] «« Read More Original story by: Kelly Well, maybe not quite in the produce aisle, but pretty close to it! It’s been a few days since I’ve been fucked and I’m practically begging for it.

With adult chat, all you have to do is call and then record a little introduction about yourself: what you like doing, what your passions are and what you are looking for.

This is for other people to hear, so they can decide that you are the person they want to talk to.

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